Fresh Display Artwork Guidelines


* Hi-res Pdf’s
* Adobe Creative Suite Cloud

When sending files please include all support artwork such as linked images.
Do not embed images in Illustrator files, please supply them as separate files.
Special effects such as glows, transparencies, or drop shadows will
produce more satisfactory results if created in Photoshop. It is not
recommended that these effects are created in Illustrator, as they can
sometimes have unpredictable results.

Pop-Up graphics must be built as one file.

Artwork templates for our range of portable displays are available on request.

Fonts must be converted to outlines/curves. Please note that this will render the type non-editable.

Fonts created in vector-based software such as Illustrator achieve the most satisfactory results.

All files are printed in CMYK format and must be supplied as such.

If you wish to check the colour (Pantone) and content of your job a hard copy is available for an additional fee.

Please allow an additional 1-2 days production time for a hard copy proof.

Please convert Pantone colours to CMYK as this will save time taken by a hard copy proof.

Use rich black; C20 M20 Y20 K100.

If files contain RGB images or colours they will be converted at Rip stage unless otherwise stated by you.

All raster files must be no less than 400dpi at 25% size.

All graphics require specific bleeds, depending on the type of printing process.

UV Print – between 3mm and 12mm bleed around the perimeter.

Fabric Print – between 10mm and 80mm bleed around the perimeter depending on the tye of finishing required.

Email up to 10mb or use our Dropbox Upload service at the top of the web page

Dropbox Password: freshdisplay

Studio time may need to be charged if files need to be corrected or altered to meet our print guidelines.


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